Dec 4, 2014

Benefits of Water For Your Skin

Benefits of water

Now we all know that drinking water is good for you. Why? Because we have been hearing that from our grandparents and now scientists have said so. We are encouraged to drink several glasses per day. This varies with each person based on their need. 

Without water we die and to a lesser extent we dehydrate. Dehydration speeds up the aging process because without water nutrients cannot perform their functions in the body. 

Here are some reasons why water is good for your skin:
Helps removes toxins from our bodies.
Helps reduce chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.
Water keeps the blood flowing freely. This allows nutrients to be distributed throughout the body. Oxygen is essential to us as and water is the main source of carrying this oxygen.
Water keeps the cells healthy by way of allowing the blood to feed our cells with nutrients.
Drinking water keeps the joints supple, thus preventing some problems such as herniated disks, humps, spinal curvature, and other joins conditions.
Assists with digestion.

Water Temperatures For You

Cool or cold water

It is believed that cold water increases metabolism bringing back your body to its natural temperature. This might be true because when we drink water that is of a lower temperature, our internal temperature drops. It is natural for us to fight this lower temperature to get back to 98*, that’s why we tremble when we are cold; our bodies are trying to stay warm.
However, cold water also increases mucus and affects our sinuses. So this might not be a good idea.

Warm water, on the other hand…

Flushes our bodies of toxins, especially if drunk first thing in the morning
Breaks up fats in the stomach and intestines. Have warm or hot water with meals to reduce the coagulation of fats in the body
Increases body temperature so that our bodies can burn fat

Water on the outside - Tips

Water is not only good for the inside but outside as well. 
Splashing water on the face will instantly hydrate you. 
Rinsing the face with cool water will keep you cool. 
Rinsing the face with warm water will reduce oil buildup. 
Keeping a mist bottle with you with spring water, use it to mist the face occasionally throughout the day.

Why drink water for the skin?

Drinking lots of water is great for aging because water reduces toxins. Toxins are disease causing agents which speed up aging. 
Water quenches thirst. When we thirst it’s a sign that we need fluids or we are dehydrated. If we are dehydrated, fluids are pulled from the skin. Drinking water helps put back the fluids we lose when we dehydrate.
Remember, dry skin causes wrinkles. Water rehydrates the skin both from the inside and out.
Keep hydrated and your skin will thank you!


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