Nov 12, 2014

Tired Eyes - Quick Remedies

I'm a writer and I often work days and nights, getting little sleep. There are many moments I have to just close my eyes, remove my glasses and just rest the eyes for a few minutes then go back to work.

Your eyes are a part of your face and they are important to your beauty upkeep. Now if your eyes are constantly tired, then you will start squinting and eventually the skin around the eyes will start to wrinkle. Sometimes when your eyes are tied they also get dark circles and puffy. We don't want that.

What causes tired eyes?

Tired eyes is simply eye strain. It is caused from excessive reading, writing or staring at the same thing for an extended period. This includes computer screens and your phones. My eyes get very tired when I play games.

This is not a serious condition, though it is quite uncomfortable. The good thing is, you can do something about it, at home.

When your eyes get tired:
  • They may itch
  • Most likely burn
  • You may lose focus
  • It will be hard to go out into the sun
  • They get watery
If you work in any condition where you need to focus on a phone or computer screen all day, it's likely you will have this quite frequently. 

Don't despair, here are a few tips:
  1. Keep a few slices of cucumber in your fridge and place them over the eyes when they feel tired.
  2. Cool a potato in the fridge, keep it there for that reason. When your eyes get too tired to focus cut two slices and place over the eyes. If you feel that the potato is pulling on the eyes, don't worry, it's only doing its job.
  3. Use a cool towel and place over the eyes.
  4. A warm cloth will also work.
  5. Try to take a nap.
  6. Use artificial tears if your eyes dry out.

Remember that keeping the yes healthy is all a part of being beautiful. 


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