Nov 16, 2014

Sensitive Skin Type

What is sensitive skin?

Everyone has a different skin type. This simply means that we all have different texture, tone and sensitivity to elements.

Sensitive skin types usually cannot handle harsh or synthetic materials, or fragrance based beauty products. I have super sensitive skin and most of the time I have no idea what causes the itching, rash or pimples. My skin itches almost constantly.

I just found out that I cannot use Dove moisturizing body bar, yet I use the Dove body wash with no problems. 

My face is another matter. If I am not careful I get pimples easily and large painful bumps. Sometimes the item may even leave a dark tight blotch like a burn mark on my face. I cannot use certain soaps on my body and using anything like soap is a total no-no for my face.

Here are some sure signs that your skin is sensitive (when come in contact with certain materials):

  • itching
  • tightness
  • burning
  • rashes
  • pimples
  • redness
  • and even swelling

What to do

The first thing I do when I am dealing with the irritations is make a note of everything I had been using. Sometimes what I do is stop using everything, start over and make a note of when I get irritated and what may have caused it.

Irritants aren't always things we use. I once had weird looking rash on my skin and found out it was caused by the pollen from a plant in the yard! So you must also check for stuff like that.

Here are some tips:

  1. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Use a glove and cover as much skin as possible.
  2. Avoid skin care products with paraben (a preservative used in beauty products)
  3. My own rule is that if you can't read the ingredients or understand them, then maybe they have no place on your skin. In other words the bath and beauty products you use should have ingredients that you can recognize easily.
  4. Keep the skin moisturized
  5. As the article stated keep the PH of your skin balanced by reducing the amount of chemical s you use or keeping hormone levels in check.
  6. Using mild products specifically made for sensitive skin
  7. Wash the hair often and reduce the amount of chemicals you use in it. I found that when my hair needs washing my face gets pimply because the sweat from the hair run down may face.
  8. If you have to use certain hair care products, change the bed linen often (or at least the pillow cases).
  9. Avoid using the same face towel more than once. I prefer to let my face air dry. Paper towels can be too abrasive sometimes and they tend to leave the skin too dry. The secret with using the paper towel is to damp it with a rose water diluted solution.
I hope these tips were of help. These are my personal tips and I have found they work. Good luck with keeping your skin healthy and beautiful.


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