Nov 11, 2014

How To Have Beautiful Skin Naturally

When we talk of skin care we immediately think of the face, but, what of the rest of the body? We often spend hours trying to make our face glow and treat the rest of our body like it doesn't matter. We cover up most of the time so we believe that because others aren't seeing it, it is not important. Having beautiful skin all over makes the woman feel beautiful. In this article I am talking about both facial skin care and body skin care.

A few years ago I did some beauty courses with a couple of cosmetic companies. The one I remember most is with Avon. I was an Avon sales rep who wanted to specialize in skin care products, so I did some courses. As I remember it, skin care is not limited to the face, it also extends to the hair, feet and the rest of the body.

In this article I am focusing on the body, not the feet, face or hair, just the skin where we cover and pay little attention.

Skin Care Secrets

Shower or Bath?
Why? What does it matter?
It matters. There is a difference as we all know but why, how and when we take a bath or shower can produce different results.


It's approaching winter and the time when you stock up on lotions and moisturizers because your skin starts to dry out. Many people have never taken a bath while some see it as wasting water. Well let me tell you that a bath maybe the best thing you can do for your skin during the winter months. And you may ask, why not a shower? A shower washes away dirt and debris but it also washes away essential oils from your skin thus drying it out more easily. A hot shower will do that. The difference with a bath, though hot/warm is that you can add essential oils. When you take a soak the skin softens again and it's easier to exfoliate and replenish with the oils from the bath.
Never use soap in your bath. If you have a soap free foam that's fine. Soap lifts away dirt but it also lifts away oil and dry out your skin. Your bath should consist of essential oils and bath salts. You really don't need anything else in your bath. You don't have to use a bubble bath. The bath salts will help to lift away the way how much dirt does your skin have anyway?!
If you don't have or can't afford bath or essential oils use olive oil. Olive oil is rich in anti oxidants and is a very powerful moisturizer.
Your bath water should not be hot but comfortably warm. Soak for no more than 20 minutes or until it becomes luke-warm. Never wait until the water is cold.
Never use an abrasive material in the bath. Your skin has softened so it is better to use a soft cloth or sponge to exfoliate. This is a good time to pay attention to your feet!

No Bath? No Problem - Winter
Can't take a bath in the winter? No problem. Take a very quick warm shower. Don't lather too much. When you get out of the shower, DO NOT towel dry. Apply olive oil to wet skin. You will be surprised how soft your skin feels.

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During the warmer months you can take your shower all you want. During the heat your skin loses a lot of fluid and oils BUT the upside is that your skin produces more oils than it actually loses. The amount it keeps or loses all depend on you.
While you do wish to wash away dirt, debris and dead skin cells you must keep in mind that you need to retain some of the natural oils found in the skin. Taking a short cool shower might be the best thing for your skin during the warmer months. Using a moisturizing wash or foam (I still say stay away from soap) keep the shower short and brisk. This is the time to use an abrasive cloth like a shower pouf, loofah or other exfoliating material to help lift away dead skin cells.

After Bath or Shower

Pat dry or air dry. Don't ever rub your skin dry as this action will only serve to further dry out and irritate your skin. For best moisturizing apply body oil to damp skin just after taking a bath or shower. For many it is not necessary to moisturize after shower during the warm months.


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